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Enter Catalog From Library

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I Bistro, the Red Bank Public Library online catalog enables you to:

  • Search for books and other materials
  • Review your library account, e.g.:
    • Checkouts
    • Fines
    • Reserves
  • Renew library materials online
  • Place holds at Red Bank and other LMXAC member libraries
  • Check out the best-seller lists, award winners  and book clubs
  • Write reviews.

Basic Search:

  1. Type search terms, e.g.
    1. Words or Phrase:  e.g. Grail, 
    2. Author:  e.g. Brown, Dan or Dan Brown
    3. Title:  e.g. Da Vinci Code
    4. Subject: e.g. Secret societies--Fiction
    5. Series: e.g. magic treehouse
  2. Click on appropriate button e.g. Words or Phrase, Author, Title.
  3. Click on Details to check on availability and location.  
    1. Or click on Change your search words  to try different terms.
    2. Or click on Search all libraries if Red Bank doesn't have it.  I Bistro will automatically search the entire LMXAC database.
  4. Tips:  
    1. Generally Catalog Keyword is the best general search mode.  If you're unsure of the spelling, you may want to try Catalog Browse.  
    2. Keep is useful If you want to create a list of items.  When the list is complete, click on the Kept link.  You can then print or e-mail these items.
    3. Not sure whether you want to read it?  Many items have links to reviews, summaries and a "look inside."  Click on the icon at the lower right hand corner of the record.
    4. If you want to place a hold on an item click on the link to the left of the description and follow the instructions below.

Advanced Search:

You can easily narrow your search or sort results by clicking on Advanced Search.

Find it Fast:

Simplified access to popular subjects.  

A few cautions,  this feature works via keyword so some of the results may not be exactly what you were looking for.  If you want a laugh go click on home improvement and then try windows and doors.  It also does not limit you to the Red Bank Public Library so make sure you check the holdings.

Kids Library:

Easy subject search links picture icons directly to children's books.  It is  fun and useful for younger users.

A few cautions,  This feature works via keyword so some of the results may not be exactly  what you were looking for.  It also does not limit to the Red Bank Public Library so make sure you check the holdings.

My Account:

Logging into your account enables you to check what you have out, what you owe and will allow you to renew materials and  reserve books online. 

Login by using your library card number and your PIN.  If you don't know your PIN, you can ask us to look it up.  We recommend that you change your PIN to something that you will easily remember.

Renewing Online:

  1. Click on My Account.
  2. Login if required.
  3. Click on Renew Materials
  4. Select items to be renewed.
  5. Click on Renew Selected Items.

Hint: If for some reason you are unable to renew a particular item, the computer will tell you it can't be renewed.


  1. Search for item.
  2. Click on “Details”
  3. Click on Place Hold to left of the record.
  4. Enter your library card number & PIN
  5. Click on the down arrow to the right of the menu box. 
  6. Select a destination library.  If you are a Red Bank Patron, select Red Bank unless you want the item shipped to a different library.
  7. Click on Place Hold.
  8. Wait for the call that the item is ready to be picked up at the library.

Hint:  Remember, we can't guarantee when the books you put on hold will arrive.  Don't place holds on more books than you can read.